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Social Housing Development Program

The origin of the plan

The current domestic housing and housing market problems include high housing prices, high vacant houses, high self-ownership rates and shortages of social housing, which have caused difficulties for need of basic housing for young people and disadvantaged households. To solve the above problems, the government promotes the social housing policy for only renting but not for selling, combining the supply plan of government’s construction and Rental Incentive Development Program to increase the supply and the balance of government housing policy resources. At the same time, the rental housing market becomes a The normal living and consumption choices for those whose inability to buy houses will then apply to the market equilibrium mechanism of mutual regulation between the rental market and the purchasing market. In addition, a rental housing market can produce an internal equilibrium effect that checks and balances the excessive rise in housing prices, which will then result a great significance for stabilizing the housing market and stabilizing people's living.

Description of objectives

The goal of this plan is to build social housing through direct construction, Rental Incentive Development Program and volume incentives. It is estimated that by the end of 2024, the supply of 200,000 social housing units will be reached to assist the disadvantaged groups to live.

Indicators of Expected performance

The objectives from 2017-2020 is to complete the government's direct construction of more than 40,000 households (existing 7,281 households + 37,713 households reported by the local government) and 40,000 households under Rental Incentive Development Program, the target value is to reach more than 80,000 households in 2020. Follow-up cooperation with annual rolling review. Develop (2021-2024) plan, with the goal of reaching 200,000 households in 2024.