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In order to promote the transparency of real estate transaction information and let the public know more about housing and real estate related information, so as to achieve the purpose as an unified release window for housing information, the Ministry of the Interior(內政部) decided on the first meeting of the "Real Estate Information Platform Integration Workshop" on February 25, 2011: The real estate information website of the Ministry of the Interior includes the ehouse real estate transaction service network managed by the Department of Land and Administration (地政司)and the real estate price e-dotcom, the residential e-commerce website, and the housing statistics information network managed by the National Land Management Agency(國土管理署). The National Land Management Agency serves as the integration and operation of the above four websites. Based on this, the Ministry of the Interior real estate information platform was planned and built.

The objectives of the Ministry of the Interior's real estate information platform construction plan are:

Organization Structure

Business Responsibility:

  1. Taking charge of the national internal administrative affairs.
  2. The most senior chief executive of each locality has the responsibility of instructing and supervising on the affairs of the department in charge.
  3. Regarding the affairs in charge, the orders or sanctions of the most senior chief executives of various localities that are deemed to be in violation of laws or regulations or exceed their powers may be suspended or revoked after being resolved by the Executive Yuan (行政院)meeting.