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Possible Transaction Index

Possible Transaction Index
Cathay Real Estate
Cover Space
Taiwan Metropolitan Area
Update Frequency
Per Season
Compilation Method
Standard Residence, Laspeyres Index
Base Period
Year 2016 = 100
Cathay Real Estate and the Real Estate research Center of National Chengchi University jointly released the index. Since 1996, the index has been released steadily in every season. It is representative of the pre-sale housing market in the five major metropolitan areas of the province. This website contains Possible Transaction Index of every season. This Possible Transaction index is the compilation of the Laspeyres index after the price of each district case is flattened and the bargaining space is reduced, and when standard housing is fixed.

Note 1: From 2006Q4, the national and Taoyuan Hsinchu area housing prices are calculated as including Hsinchu Taipei City data.
Note 2: Since 2009Q1, the housing price model has been changed, and regional virtual variables have been added.
Note 3: Since 2011Q1, the base period will be changed to 2010=100. And delete the original Nantou Kaohsiung Metropolitan Area and calculate the price index of Tainan City and Kaohsiung City.
Note 4: From 2011Q3, the housing price model was changed and the historical data was recalculated.