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Project of Incentive for Privately-Owned Subsidized Housing


In accordance with the "Social Housing Development Plan" approved by the Executive Yuan on the 6th of March, 2017, in order to implement the plan for 8 years, the government will directly build 120,000 households (including floor area incentive supplement) and Project of Incentive for Privately-Owned Subsidized Housing of 80,000 households, results the totaling of 200,000 social housing, the policy objective is to revitalize and utilize existing rental resources, and to provide assistance in renting housing for disadvantaged families and young people in employment and schooling with Rental Incentive Development Program, as well as to reduce the financial burden of municipal and county (city) governments, through directly building social housing introduced by privately owned operator, the industry assists the municipal and county (city) governments in handling private rental housing matching, Rental Incentive Development Program, and notification of residential care visits by social and political units, which in assisting both parties in housing rental services from a professional perspective, and to protect the rights and interests of both parties.

Promote Plan:

In order to help disadvantaged people to be able to rent houses in the residential rental market, making the good use of existing rental resources, and to reduce the financial burden of local governments in building new social housing, this plan provides landlords with an easy ways of rent collection, tax free, facilities repairs and home safety insurance or other subsidies etc, as well as in offering rental service providers service fee and service fee exemption from business tax. In the part of human resources organization, there are two types of chartering methods, including the government's self-management (including the entrusted agency) and the renting by the operator. Based on the analysis of the above-mentioned chartering method, the buyer of this plan handles it as the second landlord. In addition, to provide the citizens with multiple participation in the handling of social housing, continuously applying it on the escrow method to subsidize the business.

Incentive for Privately-Owned Subsidized Housing:

The government, specialized agencies or entrusted private businesses to rent private housing, pay the rent to the original homeowner at a monthly rate of 20% off the market rent during the contract period, and then the charterer will be responsible for subletting and management matters in position of a second landlord. It is planned to sign a contract with the landlord for 3 years and guarantee rent collection, then rent to general households at 20% off the market price, for the disadvantaged households of the market price of 30% or 50% off, and assigned for at least 1 year and up to 3 years contact.

Rent and Mange Services:

The operator will assist the landlord in renting the residence to certain qualified tenants, and the government will subsidize the service fee to act as an agent for the landlord to manage the rental property. In the case of escrow, the original landlord still has the right to decide who the tenants to be, and the operator is only responsible for the implementation of the general rental affairs.